The unofficial site of the IDC-6 field trips in the Deccan dyke swarms and Himalaya

Deccan dyke swarms, January 29 - February 3, 2010

January 29: Departure. Quite strangely because of the snowy conditions on many European airports, almost all the participants are here at University of Pune and ready by the end of the morning. After lunch at the excellent canteen of the SET Guest House. We leave in the early afternoon for a long trip to Dhule, Northeast of Pune, that we will reach late in the evening.

The field trip participants are Meeraj Alam (University of Delhi), Ingemar Bergelin (University of Lund), Josh Davies (University of Alberta), Jon Hagstrum (USGS Menlo Park), Osamu Ishizuka (AIST Tsukuba), Koji Kiyosugi (University of South Florida), Ryszard Kryza (University of Wroclaw), Daniel Mège (University of Nantes), Karsten Obst (Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Güstrow), Itaru Ogitsu (AIST Tsukuba), D.V. Subba Rao (National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad), and Sebastian Tappe (University of Alberta). The field trip is lead by Nitin Karmalkar and Raymond Duraiswami from University of Pune; they took with us some of their best master students, Nikita Kaushal, Raghuram, and Parnali Wad, as well as Mallika, enroled in a PhD degree. We were also assisted by M.G. Kale, also from the Geology Department of the University of Pune, and others whose name I very unfortunately forgot. Other scientists from University of Pune have also joined the group.

The photographs shown here were taken by Ryszard (those starting with DSC) and me (starting with P).

Leaving Pune 1


All the participants have arrived (except Ingemar who we will collect on the way)... a coconut has been savagely cut in front of the bus to wish us a good trip... It worked fairly well... The big IDC-6 poster will stay on the front of the bus all the trip long.