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Daniel MEGE






Planetary geology lectures at Warsaw University, April 2011

(some videos may not appear correctly in the slide show but are available on separate files)

Mars viewed by the recent exploration spacecrafts

Volcanism in the solar system

Beyond the planets: the Kuiper Belt


At University of Nantes (2004-2011)

Courses taught included (on average over the last few years):

Lower division (Biology-Geology-Chemistry): Viewing geology in three dimensions (practicals: 20h/year)

Upper division (Life and Earth Sciences, Geology, Geophysics): Structural geology, tectonics, geomorphology, geological mapping (lectures: 16h; practicals: 84h/year)

Graduate (Life and Earth Sciences): Geology of France (practicals: 46h/year) - until 2010

Graduate (Life and Earth Sciences): Training to CAPES examination: Geologic mapping and geology of France, plate tectonics and kinematics, geodynamics, erosional processes, sea level variations (lectures and practicals: 80h/year)

School teachers (agrégation interne): Geophysical methods for the study of the Earth's interior 3 to 6 h/year


Course management

S12G090 Geosciences (Support class for Biology-Geology-Chemistry portal undergraduate students)

S12G100 Geosciences (Support class for Mathematics-Informatics-Physics-Chemistry portal undergraduate students)

S22G030 Tectonics and geomorphology

S2TU080 Geology of France


Administrative duties

Deputy Director of Studies in Biology-Geology-Chemistry (lower division)