Daniel MEGE
Visiting Professor

Currently in secondment at CBK PAN:
Solar system Dynamics and Planetology Group
Space Research Centre
Polish Academy of Sciences
Bartycka 18A, 00-716 Warsaw, Poland

E-mail: dmege(at) cbk. waw. pl
Previously (2011-2015) Visiting Professor to coordinate the FNP and Atlab-funded WROONA Group for Martian geosciences in Poland:

Institute of Geological Sciences, Research Centre in Wroc?aw
Polish Academy of Sciences
Podwale 75, 50-449 Wroc?aw, Poland

Innovative Economy Check the past WROONA Group people and activities! 


In secondment from LPG Nantes:
University de Nantes
Faculté des sciences et techniques
2 rue de la houssinière
BP 92208
44322 Nantes cedex 3
You may check my Deccan dyke swarm page, from the 6th International Dyke Conference Deccan field trip.

And consider the 7th International Dyke Conference in Beijing in August 2016!



Be welcome on my web site!

My research fields include comparative planetary geology (comparison between terrestrial and planetary processes), the geology of the Kuiper Belt, and the geology of places on Earth where a significant exploration is still possible. It appears that a lot of my works is related to volcanic sheets (dykes) or gravity tectonics. The methods I use are based on structural geology, geomorphology, geomorphometry, and remote sensing in the visible and infrared range. I am the most grateful to CNRS/INSU, CNES, University of Nantes, Pexco Exploration East Africa N.V. and the Fundation for Polish Science for funding or having funded significant segments of my works.

Saying that one should be patient and withstand trouble doesn?t mean one should be defeated and overcome. The whole purpose of engaging in the practice of patience is to become stronger in mind, stronger in heart. And you also want to remain calm. If you lose patience and your brain becomes confused with emotion, you will lose the power to analyze and figure out how to overcome the negative force that is opposing you. Tenzin Gyatso, May 24th, 2010

At one level, forgiveness means you shouldn?t develop feelings of revenge. Revenge harms the other person, it is a form of violence and usually leads to counterviolence ? so the problem never goes away. At another level, forgiveness means you should try not to develop feelings of anger toward your enemy. Anger doesn?t solve the problem, it brings uncomfortable feelings to yourself and destroys your own peace of mind. Tenzin Gyatso, June 24th, 2010


What is on the banner? From left to right: the sagging Geryon Montes Hills in Valles Marineris, Mars; a basaltic dyke from the Narmada-Tapi rift, north of Ramala, India; Monks Point (Pointe des moines), Possession Island, Crozet archipelago; sunset near Amsterdam Island, Saint-Paul and Amsterdam archipelago; new road from Bahir Dar to Gelegu being built across the Ethiopian plateau.

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